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Mattewos Habteab

Case Details :

Name Mattewos Habteab
Age 35 at the time of arrest
Sex Male
Arrested Late September 2001, Asmara
Health Current condition unknown
Former Roles Editor, Meqaleh (“Echo”), a maths graduate from the university of Asmara

Mattewos Habteab founded Meqaleh in 1998 with Dawit Habtemichael, and Yehdego Ghebremedhin, whose whereabouts are unknown but is believed to be doing military service.

Mattewos was editor of Meqaleh until June 2000, when he was called up for military service, possibly because of his work as a journalist. A year later he returned to his job in Asmara , but was arrested and taken to the ‘Track B' military prison in Asmara where he was secretly held for approximately six weeks. A few weeks after his release he was arrested again in late September as part of the Government's clamp-down on the independent press. He has been held incommunicado at an undisclosed location ever since.

AIUSA Group 19 Palo Alto, California

AIUSA Group 19, based in Palo Alto, California, has adopted Mattewos Habteab as the group's prisoner of conscience. For more information about Group 19, visit the group's website Contact eritrea -at- if you have questions or comments.

We have two petitions, the first asking for information about Mattewos Habtea and the second asking that he be freed. Please downlaod and help us gather signatures. You mail the completed petitions to the Eritrean officials listed on the petitions.

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